Adventures with Aly Ecotours

At Adventures with Aly, I believe that everyone deserves a custom adventure and authentic Baja experience. Adventures with Aly Ecotours encompasses all there is to do in Baja from secluded snorkeling beaches to swimming with dolphins and all the exciting experiences in between.

Adventures with Aly Ecotours was born from my personal longing for authentic, natural, outdoor adventures and experiences in Southern Baja Mexico. My open Jeep Ecotours are a safe, relaxed way for guest to leave the driving and details to me while they enjoy the natural beauty of Baja. Adventures with Aly Ecotours focus on natural areas that conserve the pristine mountain, desert and ocean environments of Southern Baja Mexico while sustaining the wellbeing of the local community. Come experience the best of Baja with me.

Let me show you the art, the music, the magic of Baja. Let’s ride horseback on the beach, ATV to a shell covered beach for snorkeling, spend the day relaxing in a picturesque vineyard sipping wine in the natural pool, hike to a geothermal hot spring or swim in a crystal clear pool below a waterfall. I will show you all the adventures and authentic experiences Baja has to offer.

Some Adventure & Experience Options:

Adventures with Aly Ecotours
  • Natural Geothermal Springs Adventure
  • Waterfall Hike Adventure
  • Authentic Mexican Cooking Experience
  • Remote Snorkeling Beach Adventure
  • Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting
  • Botanical Garden Experience
  • Horseback Riding Adventure
  • Open Water Interactive Ocean Adventure
  • Local festivals and events
  • Live music and dinner in Los Barriles
  • Shopping in Los Barriles
  • San Jose Art Walk and Dinner
  • Wine and Tequila Tasting/Dinner
  • Cabo shopping/dining/beach Experience
  • Mining Town Museum/Mine Adventure
  • Todos Santos Art and Shopping Experience
  • Turtle Release Experience (during season)
  • Whale Shark Snorkeling Adventure (during season)

The tours with Aly were fantastic and the perfect balance to the Retreat.  She took me in her Jeep to an isolated beach with great snorkeling, a beautiful restaurant and a vineyard.  On the way we watched some newborn turtles making their way to the ocean and ate the best Birria tacos I have had in Mexico.  Aly customizes the tour for you and is really fun to hang out with.  She knows the area and will show you small villages, cool shops and local bars on the way!  I had a great time and the Adventures with Aly tours gave my trip the extra adventure I was looking for!

Mexico City

Aly Linscott

Instilled with an adventurous spirit as a child I’ve always been inclined to explore the natural and cultural environment around me. The deep cold hidden lakes of the Rocky Mountains, the crystal-clear water of the Yucatan cenotes, the humid dense jungles of Indonesia, the lava caves of Hawaii and other faraway places has taught me that the secret places are the most rewarding.

Six years ago, my husband and I moved to Baja Mexico and have been here full time ever since. Being in Baja has given me the best of both worlds, the beautiful Sea of Cortez, and the Sierra de la Laguna mountains. I have continued my exploration and adventures into the wild places of Baja and have found many beautiful inland waterfalls, geothermal springs, and amazing desert oasis.  Also, rustic vineyards, botanical gardens, silver mines and many ways to interact with the amazing sea life that exist in the Sea of Cortez. These are the treasures I have personally discovered and experienced and I love to share them.

Adventure requires a healthy mind and body. I’ve had a passion for Pilates for over twenty years and as a Certified Pilates Instructor I teach group Pilates classes as well as private classes.

Being in Baja has given me the freedom to explore my love for adventure and to expand my personal Pilates practice.  I am loving sharing my passion for adventure and beautiful unspoiled places and my discipline of Pilates with guest visiting Baja. I am meeting the most interesting people and getting to share with them the true, pristine, authentic, beautiful outdoor adventures of Southern Baja Mexico.

As your guide I promise to bring all my passion and excitement for the beautiful places in Baja Sur to your Adventures with Aly.

Aly was such a great guide.  She took us to fabulous places we wouldn’t have found on our own.  Her relaxed demeanor and sense of humor were a perfect match for our taste.  She made sure we were safe, comfortable and entertained.  Delightful!

New Jersey

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